Video Services


Video Systems

Trio AV carries a large range of compact video switchers for intimate events to high end comprehensive media servers/full scale switchers for demanding requirements.

The switchers we have in our inventory will be able to accept and process many different kind of signals up till 4k. From standard projections cut out to panoramic video blending to projecton mapping, we have the right system for your events.

Major brands we carry: 1. Barco 2. Analogway 3. Extron 4. Kramer


Projection/Display Systems

Our projection systems ranges from the low lumens DLP projectors for small environments to high powered DLP projectors to deliver impactful and long lasting impressions to your target audiences.

We also have TV display from 19 inches LCD monitors going up all the way to 75″ LED monitors.

Major brands we carry: 1. Panasonic 2. Samsung 3. LG

LED Wall Systems

We possess an inventory of LED display walls with a variety of pixel density to suit your different expectations and applications ranging from corporate conference to concert effects generation.

Major brands we carry: 1. Martin 2. Panasonic 3. Chromalux


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